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In light of the dramatically shifting environment and way of life, young people are currently facing issues related to hair loss. It is a common issue for both men and women. People try versatile methods and prevention to keep their hair healthy and strong. They shell out cash for oil, conditioner, and shampoo to revive their hair. But how you wash your hair and what water you put on your scalp affect hair growth. Somehow the most common perception and confusion among people is for cold vs. hot showers for hair. Let’s learn how water temperature affects hair growth and what water is best for hair.

According to the best dermatologist in NJ, the water temperature affects hair growth. No doubt, showering with hot and cold water uniquely benefits the body. However, hair cuticles get sealed with a cold shower and protect the strands. Cold water preserves the natural oil and produces a natural shine. In contrast to cold water, warm water is considered bad for hair. The warm water opens the pores of hair naturally and also removes dirt. Destroy the keratin and lipid bonds on your hair follicles. It makes hair frizzy, brittle, and dry. Also, overusing hot water causes hair loss due to the heat of the water damaging hair follicles and making hair weak. Don’t put hot water on your scalp regularly, instead, you should use a little lukewarm water for scalp washing.

Hot Showers vs. Cold Showers: Which Is Better for Your Hair?

Hot Water Vs Cold Water

Some people like hot showers and some prefer cold showers. It is a personal choice of anyone. A hot shower gives full relaxation to your body as well as opens up the hair pores. The hot water shower removes maximum dirt and oil from the oil and also makes it easy to use shampoo and conditioners. Let’s do a comparison between the hot shower and cold shower and learn which one is better for hair wash.

Effects of Warm Shower

First, we learn about the warm shower effect on the body and hair.  Look at the pros and cons of the warm water shower.

Unique Benefits of a Warm Shower

  • Warm water helps to wash away accumulated dust and dirt from your hair roots. To clean out debris and clogged hair pores, give yourself a warm shower. 
  • Additionally, the warmth of the same water encourages blood flow to the hair follicles, which fosters growth.
  • You can get rid of extra oil from your scalp when you wash your hair with warm water. This will especially benefit individuals who have oily skin.

Drawbacks of a Warm Shower

  • Regular washing of hair with warm water can reduce the natural charm of the hair. Hot water reduces the natural oil in hair and makes it dry and brittle. 
  • It makes the scalp dry and may cause itchiness.
  • A warm shower can make your hair frizzy and thin. Regularly washing hair with warm water can make your hair roots weak and cause hair loss.

So it’s better to avoid regularly washing your hair with hot or warm water. You should consider a little lukewarm water if normal temperature water is not suitable for your body.

Effect of Cold Water Shower

Here we are talking about normal, cold water, not freezing water. Let’s know the effectiveness of the cold water shower.

Benefits of Cold Water Shower

benefits of cold water shower
  • The cold shower gives hair a unique shine. It does not remove the natural oil from the scalp. People who regularly shower with normal or cold water have their hair and skin shine.
  • Regularly cold showers keep the hair cuticles close and give a smoother appeal.
  • The cold shower also helps to keep your scalp cleaner for longer.  It shrinks the hair poles and makes it hard to enter any dust or dirt into the scalp.
  • The cold water strains your body and improves blood circulation. That helps the hair root to receive more nutrients and keep it healthy. 

Drawbacks of Cold Water Shower

  • The cold water shower resembles a reduction in hair volume. It is due to the excess moisture held on hair cuticles that makes hair a little fluffy. But when you wash the hair with cold water it smooths the hair and resembles a reduction in hair volume. That is not a good sign for those who have little hair.
  • It makes you uncomfortable, especially in the winter season. The normal or cold water chills your head in the winter.

Are Cold Showers Good for Your Hair?

Now, getting an overview and comparison between hot and cold showers has surely opened your mind about how water temperature affects your hair growth. Yes, cold water showers have a good effect on hair growth, but we do not have any scientific evidence for it. As per the expert dermatologist near Moorestown, NJ, high heat exposure damages the scalp, so we must avoid hot showers for our hair. Those who regularly take a shower with cold water, their skin and hair shine naturally. Overall, your hair growth depends on versatile factors such as age, genetics, diet, lifestyle, etc. Fortunately, you can minimize hair damage by treating it well. 

Final Thoughts

At last, you must care for your hair with good self-care. Keep your scalp healthy with a good lifestyle and a healthy diet. Regularly wash your hair with normal or cold water; you must avoid hot water. However, you should consult with professionals like Meta Dermatology if you are having problems with your hair and need hair loss treatment in Moorestown, NJ. The expert’s guidance provides the exact solution as per your hair and scalp condition.

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