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Intake of creatine supplements is quite normal nowadays for people involved in sports, bodybuilding, and fitness. It enhances athletic performance, improves exercise capacity, and increases muscle mass; hence, it has become a popular dietary supplement.

But it has side effects too like water retention, liver dysfunction, kidney damage, etc. But there are also some rumors about hair loss just because of the intake of creatine. Though creatine may not directly lead to hair fall, it may affect the hormones that can cause hair loss.

So in today’s topic, we will discuss whether creatine causes hair loss or not. Stay connected with us to learn.

Creatine and DHT levels

Though creatine is not a direct cause of hair fall, it may increase the level of a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Creatine and DHT levels

Hair follicles have a life cycle that involves a hair growth phase, a resting phase, and then a hair fall phase, where the DHT hormone may stick to a specific hormone receptor in the hair follicles. Hence, hair becomes thinner and shorter because it may lead to shorter hair growth.

However, some people may suffer from hair loss because of their genetic predisposition.

In a study, creatine supplements were given to college-aged rugby players for three weeks. Over a period of three weeks, they calculated their dihydrotestosterone to testosterone ratio. They found an increase in DHT levels of 56% after one week of creatine loading, and after 14 days, it remained 40% above baseline.

With this study, researchers only observed the effect on hormone levels but didn’t assess hair loss in the study participants.

For patients who are asking if they can reverse the effect of creatine-related hair loss, then there is good news for them. For the restoration treatment of hair, they have to stop taking creatine supplements first, so it will allow the hair to slowly grow.

hair loss with creatine

Then consult a dermatologist to learn about the treatments for hair loss. Don’t forget to share your health history with your consultant. It will help them suggest the best hair treatment for you instead.

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If you are still struggling with hair loss problems, even after cutting down your creatine intake, then you should go with hair regrowth treatments. You can opt for PRP therapy or go with hair transplant treatment. However, it is advisable to consult with your dermatologist to get customized treatment for your hair loss related to creatine intake.

PRP Therapy

For a safe and effective treatment promoting natural hair growth, you must choose PRP therapy. Though this therapy is regenerative therapy for injured muscles, ligaments, and tendons, it also works for hair growth stimulation.

In this therapy, the consultant draws a blood sample from the patient and separates the platelet-rich plasma layer from the rest of the blood using a centrifuge, infusing it into the affected area of the scalp with an injection.

PRP increases blood flow around the scalp and into the hair follicle, which results in thicker and longer hair growth. Though this therapy is already effective, patients combine it with other hair restoration treatments for better results.

Hair Transplantation

If you are looking for permanent treatment of hair loss then hair transplantation is a good fit for you. In this treatment, the hair shafts are moved from the part of the scalp with thick hair into the bald spots. Surgeons may use micrografts that only contain 1 to 2 hairs or slit grafts that may contain 4 to 10 hairs.

While performing this procedure, the doctor injects medication to numb the back of the head. Then the strip of skin is extracted from hair donor sites and further divided into tiny grafts before being placed in the treatment area. After this, the area of the scalp where the grafts were extracted is sewn shut and hidden by the thick area around it.

These treatments have their own risks. So before opting for any treatment for hair loss, please consult your dermatologist first.


Here it is all! In today’s topic, we have discussed in detail whether creatine can cause hair loss or not. And have also gone through treatments related to creatine hair loss. Hope your all queries got resolved. Still, if you have any queries related to creatine-related hair loss, then you must consult with your dermatologist. 
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