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Are you looking for natural solutions to relieve the pain your psoriasis is causing you? The unmanageable itching and pain trouble doing daily tasks. Psoriasis generally happens when your immune system gets disturbed and produces more skin cells. It develops a thick layer of skin, causes serious itching, and makes darker patches on that part. It expands to new regions if treatment is delayed.  To heal from the psoriasis pain and discomfort, people try versatile homemade remedies. And the use of castor oil comes first in the mind. Some people have put positive reviews about it and some do not get any benefits from using castor oil. Let us examine is castrol oil good for psoriasis and discover the benefits of castor oil for psoriasis.

How Does Psoriasis Occur? What Is It?

You must first understand the precise definition of psoriasis and how it arises. It is a common skin disease that can happen to anyone. Usually, it causes a rash on the knees, elbows, trunk, and scalp with scaly, itchy patches. It is frequent and can result from genetic disorders, medications, or the effects of the environment on any individual. It is unclear what exactly causes psoriasis. The common consensus is that it is an immune system problem where cells fighting infection unintentionally target healthy skin cells. You should not be concerned because it is not contagious, meaning that it does not spread. You must take advice about psoriasis treatment near Moorestown, NJ, to better understand your pain. 

Common Symptoms of Psoriasis


While each person experiences psoriasis differently, some typical symptoms include:

  • Silvery white scales that burn or itch cover the thick, red skin patches. It normally affects the knees, elbows, and scalp; in rare instances, the palms and soles of the feet may also be affected.
  • The patient’s skin gets dry and cracks, itches, or bleeds.
  • severe soreness, burning, or itching in particular areas.

Professional Treatment for Psoriasis Disease

Psoriasis treatment removes scales and prevents skin cells from proliferating. The dermatologist recommends ointment, cream, and light therapy for topical treatment. To control the infection, they offer some medications. At Meta Dermatology, our dermatologist near Moorestown, NJ, deeply analyzes your psoriasis and recommends the best treatment for you. 

Why Is Castor Oil Unique?

People always get advice to use castor oil to heal from psoriasis. But now the question arises of how effective this oil is and why it got so popular.  Castor oil is well known for its natural laxative properties that is the reason beauty enthusiasts use it. Fortunately, it also heals skin disorders like psoriasis, the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties make it special in this situation.  The unique ricinoleic acid component presence in castor oil is effective for inflammation. It is made from the castor bean plant and contains 90% fatty acid content. Due to the higher fatty acid content, it holds the potential for the treatment of skin conditions.

Is Using Castor Oil Helps in Psoriasis

Some people get benefits of using castor oil on psoriasis but we don’t have enough scientific evidence that conveys that castor oil completely heals psoriasis. Somehow Folk or alternative medicine and word-of-mouth are responsible for its effectiveness. People also claim that it helps them boost their immune system as well as lower the inflammation in skin disease. Due to the healing properties of castor oil, it is used in many cosmetic products. To some extent, it has good effects on psoriasis at the initial level. To get the best benefits of castor oil, you just need to learn the right way. Otherwise, you may get some side effects from castor oil.

Best Way to Apply Castor Oil to Psoriasis

The Best Way to Apply Castor Oil to Psoriasis

Inappropriate application of castor oil prevents people from reaping its benefits. It must be combined with a carrier, such as coconut oil or essential oil, for the skin to absorb it directly. People make mistakes while applying castor oil to their skin and do not get results. That is why you must follow the right way to use Castrol oil for your skin.

  1. Preparation

Don’t directly message with Castor oil to affected areas. First, clean your skin from the dirt and excess oil. You can use a mild soap and warm water for it. After that, completely dry the skin with a soft towel.

  1. Select the Right Castor Oil

Don’t go with any available castor oil; always prefer cold-pressed organic castor oil to get the best benefits. Pick your castor oil carefully, as there are now tainted products available on the market.

  1. Dilute the Oil

The castor oil takes time to absorb through the skin, you need to dilute it with essential or coconut oil. It helps to speed up the absorption and give benefits quickly. You can gently warm it to enhance its effects. 

  1. Do a Patch Test

Some people’s skin gets allergic to some oils or lotions. So it is better to do a patch test before applying it to the whole area.

  1. Gently Massage the Area

Gently massage it in a round shape and leave it overnight. The next morning, rinse it off and dry it completely. Practice this method regularly to get effective results quickly.

Follow this simple procedure to heal from the pain of psoriasis, and don’t forget to consult with a dermatologist.

Additional tips for recovery from psoriasis;

To recover from psoriasis more quickly, you must follow the below tips.

  1. Don’t compromise with a nutritious diet. Start to eat more anti-inflammatory food items. 
  1. Keep hydrated, and don’t forget to drink more water throughout the day. 
  1. Identify the triggers, when you feel more itchiness or pain around the red spots. It could be specific food items, specific environments, or stress.
  1. Always consult with a doctor or dermatologist before starting any new treatment or homemade treatment, especially if you are following the psoriasis medicines.

Final Thoughts

After reading the above points, you have surely cleared up the doubt about whether castor oil is good for psoriasis. Yes, it helps to relieve psoriasis, especially when it’s in the initial stage. Castor oil holds special properties that are good for healing from pain and dryness. Many people have found it helpful for skin diseases. You can try it, but be careful; overuse can worsen the situation. To completely heal from psoriasis, take advice from the best dermatologist in NJ, such as Meta Dermatology. With expert guidance, you will better understand the real causes behind it and the best treatments for it.

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