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Have you gone under Botox treatment recently, and being a fitness freak, you want to continue your daily routine workout? But you have no clue about when can you exercise after Botox or how to do it properly.

Then you must read this article because it will guide you in deciding if you can pursue your daily workout routine or not. And we will also disclose to you the perfect time to start your exercise. So that you can get amazing outcomes from the botox treatment without any difficulties.

Let’s not wait a second and dive into it to explore all the facts!

For how long do you have to avoid workout after botox?

how long do you have to avoid working out

Being a fitness-conscious person, it is quite hard to avoid workouts if you have gone through a Botox procedure. But if you want great results from the Botox procedure, you have to wait at least 4 hours to touch your targeted area.

For instance, if Botox treatment is done on your face, then wiping sweat from your face can affect the outcomes of the Botox procedure. Because the injected area might be sensitive or prone to discomfort. It may cause Botox to migrate from injection sites to surrounding areas.

Ideally, you have to wait at least 24 hours for mild exercise to continue your fitness schedule.

So, let’s explain why can’t you exercise after botox.

Pressure on the targeted area:

If you continuously touch your injected sites or start exercising just after your Botox treatment, it may put pressure on the injection sites, and as a result, migration of Botox products may occur.

Increased blood flow:

Intense exercise may be good for your cardiovascular system but can affect your post-Botox results. Because intense exercise plays a great role in increasing blood flow and leads to the diffusion of botox away from the injection sites.

Hence, surrounding muscles can paralyze temporarily. Increased blood flow may cause swelling and bruising in the injection sites as well.

Resulting in too much movement in the face:

Exercise just after the Botox treatment is also avoidable because doing so may result in too much movement in the face, which leads to the migration of Botox products away from the targeted area. Hence, no exercise after Botox is recommended.

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Exercises to Boost Your Post-Botox Results

Exercises to Boost Your Post-Botox Results

Try the following exercises within 24 hours after the Botox treatment:

  • Gentle yoga without turning upside down.
  • Slowly walk at a relaxed pace.
  • Facial exercise approved by your dermatologist.
  • Light house-chores.

Exercises You Must Avoid After Botox Treatment

Avoid the following exercise to enhance your post-botox results:

  • You must avoid swimming even without goggles and swim caps.
  • No running or jogging.
  • Activities that may cause an increase in hits.
  • Avoid floor-based workouts, for example, yoga, ab work, or pilates.
  • Weight lifting.

Essential Exercise tips to increase the Impact of your Botox Procedure

  • Avoid activities that generate extreme sweating within 24 hours of your post-botox procedure, like hot yoga or saunas.
  • Do low-impact exercises like walking or exercise without bending or making any contact with the floor of the targeted area so there is no rubbing or pressure on the injection sites.
  • You should consume plenty of water so that you can minimize the risk of blood clots.

Tips to increase the result of Botox treatment besides exercise

  • Avoid lying down just after your botox treatment, so that botox will settle down easily.
  • Try not to consume too much caffeine after your botox treatment.
  • You should not sleep on your face for the first night post-botox treatment. See the blog post When can I sleep on my side after Botox? for more details.
  • Don’t get any facials for at least two weeks after your Botox procedure.
  • Don’t apply makeup to your face.
  • Stop exposing yourself to excessive heat conditions, such as tanning beds and saunas.
  • You should avoid taking pain relievers that result in thinning the blood unless they are recommended by your dermatologist.


Here it is all! In this article, you have gone through the information on how long after Botox you can start your daily workout routine. Now you are aware of the pros and cons of the exercises in your post-botox procedure. Hope, it will help you get the best result from your treatment.

But don’t forget to follow the instructions given by your dermatologists. Because he will go through your health history before getting the procedure done and will advise accordingly.

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