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Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss?

Does creatine cause hair loss

Intake of creatine supplements is quite normal nowadays for people involved in sports, bodybuilding, and fitness. It enhances athletic performance, improves exercise capacity, and increases muscle mass; hence, it has become a popular dietary supplement. But it has side effects too like water retention, liver dysfunction, kidney damage, etc. But there are also some rumors […]

When can I sleep on my side after Botox?

How long after Botox can I sleep on my side

Botox treatment is in demand nowadays as its effects are quite impressive in enhancing beauty. It helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face and reverse ageing. When it comes to the effectiveness of Botox procedures, sleeping positions play a crucial role. So it becomes more important to know how they impact your […]

How long after Botox can you get a facial?

How long after Botox can you get a facial

When come across the benefits of botox procedure, it is numerous. This treatment takes less time than a lunch break, it is minimally invasive. This procedure usually lasts for months.  Yet it is a convenient procedure to make wrinkles smooth on the face, there are considerations you have to keep in mind while you wait […]